Content Marketing on a Budget

Content Marketing on a Budget

You might’ve heard of people saying that content marketing is expensive and a risky investment. There are ways in which you can provide content for your page efficiently, which indeed is expensive. But there are methods and ways through which you can minimize these costs to a great extent.

Firstly, you could create your own content. It takes almost no expense in creating your own content. Writing a minimum of one to two blogs in a week should be sufficient to help you get into it. You could even create your own personal blogs where you can publish this material.

Rather than hiring professional writers that charge you a hefty amount on an individual word basis, you could collaborate with other bloggers or content marketers. Equal exchanges of blogs or any sort of content can be beneficial for both the parties and at the same time cost efficient.

Having multiple people post on your domain is also a great strategy. You could gather content from them whilst assuring them publicity of their content via email blasts or social media. It will also help them earn more recognition.

Try and curate excellent quality content available in the market. It will  give you a nudge over other sites and also help you get higher viewership. You could go to sites like Growth hackers or Reddit to scout out good talent.

A more popular approach that you could go with is publishing infographic videos. You could pick out selected articles or popular blog posts and make decent and visually pleasing videos of them.

Note: Remember to properly cite your sources.

You could also go with a content re-usage framework. Convert your existing content into different formats like videos and podcasts and publish them in different domains. It will help you to cater to  a higher viewership and capture a more versatile demograph.

Strategies to increase your social media traffic

Strategies to increase your social media traffic

The most basic and highly rewarding strategy to increase your social media traffic would be to cross-link your content over different platforms. Say if you have a content posted on Facebook, you can share the link to that particular content on your Instagram profile. You can even cross-link between similar contents on the same platform.

This way, you are drawing your audience from different platforms and integrating them. People who are active on Instagram are ushered to Facebook and so are their followers. It helps your audience to see the versatility you have to offer and how detailed your content is. Your audience will be promoted to share your content and vouch for you.

Paid advertisement is also a very helpful medium. Advertisements are the best means to inform your potential audience about your content. You can draw an exponential amount of crowd through them.

Social media platforms generate the most revenue from their advertisements, so they pay special attention to making their users’ ads work. The prices for ads are not the same all over, if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can select the platforms where ads are relatively cheap. For example, Twitter charges about 1-3 pennies per view for a page. So that can be a good starting point for your company.

Initially concentrate on getting more clicks through your ads so that more and more people know about your content. You can use your best articles to do so, and keep publicizing them from time to time.

Another useful technique is to block a certain section of your content and ask the viewer to share or Tweet that specific article in order to gain excess to that restricted part. It is similar to content upgrade but rather than asking for their email id’s, you instantaneously use your viewer to attract new traffic.

Once the viewer shares your content, people who follow that specific viewer will also be intrigued to see your content. This way you can easily increase your traffic by 8 – 10 times. There are various online tools that can help you in promoting your content. You can use Meet Edgar to periodically promote your evergreen content. You can even use tools like If This, Then That or Zapier, who automatically post your new content throughout different platforms.