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Importance of headings in SEO

Importance of headings in SEO

Importance of headings in SEO

Even in this era of globalization, headings are still important. It is through your H1 title, the user gets to know about your content. H1 tags have a lot of authority when it comes to search engines. Typically one should have one heading tag per page. In addition to that, it is important to have a larger heading. A larger heading is taken as the important text in comparison with the other text in the blog. Ranking Zero, is nothing but having a H1 tag line and a few lines on the topic below it. It is actually the crux of the content. Ranking Zero has a snippet over the actual organic rankings. This helps in increasing your overall click through rate. All you need to do it have a heading and a few lines below it  to achieve Zero rankings.

There are a few take-away points from this.

First, search engines still emphasize on your title as the most important text of your overall content. Therefore it is important to focus on writing a relevant title for your content. To attract more traffic, it is important to have a title which explains the context of your content.

Second, your headings should be well thought of. It should not just be any random line from your content. Have a heading which is self explanatory and is related to your content. It should be of high quality and may contain strong keywords.

Third, snippets  help in ranking higher. If you rank Zero, your overall rankings will increase. For that, it is very important to have a good and a concise heading. Also have a few lines below your headings, so that a search engine can easily find your content for appropriate impressions.

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