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Let's start with homepage SEO.

Ways to create an SEO friendly homepage

Ways to create an SEO friendly homepage

Your homepage is going to be the most trafficked part of your website. Therefore, it is important to not just create a search engine friendly webpage, but also something which has good content and is user-friendly. The key is to have a page suitable for both Google as well as for the users. Even if your site is not ranking that high, try to optimize it for both. Also, do keep in mind the overall theme of your website.

A very  important aspect to be kept in mind is that your website should load fast. It is good to link your home  webpage with other major pages. Include an attractive title tag to strengthen your page. If you mention your brand under the title tag then it helps in increasing  your search engine rankings.

The concept of internal linking plays an important role in creating an  SEO friendly homepage. One can use internal links with the homepage and other major pages to circulate traffic appropriately. The clicks on the homepage will be passed on to other important pages, and your Google rankings will eventually increase.

If you add a few extra sentences  with the keywords used in your home page, then your homepage rankings increase drastically. Many people believe that it’s not your home page which draws the majority of your traffic, whereas its the conversions which make the difference. Working on the conversions is extremely crucial to fetch good rankings and online traffic.

The strategy is easy to understand. Drive the traffic to your home page and then get into specific fields from there. The things to be kept in mind are; first, the homepage should be appropriate for both Google as well as website visitors. Second, Choose the keywords that make you rank, and third, generate leads from your homepage.

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