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What can you do with your idle website?

October 25, 2022 anmoldigital 0 Comments

Nothing lasts forever, never did, and never would. Old will be replaced by new and that new would have a replacement too. There is no reason why the websites can’t have the same fate, and if your website is one of these sites that has gone idle and you don’t know what to do with them, then you must keep on reading this short post on handling such sites.

For several reasons, the organizations can be forced to change their URL and create a new site. In this kind of situations, they don’t need the old site as their work is now being done on the new one. So, what can you do about the old site? Should you completely forget about it and focus all your attention on your new site? The answer to that is obviously no. As being your old site, your clients who are not aware of the change will likely visit your it first which means it will still be bringing in traffic though you are no longer supporting it. If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, the best thing to do will be using 301 redirects. These redirects also link various URLs under one set so search engines rank all of the addresses based on the domain authority from inbound links. You can do it yourself or can hire a web technician to make your old website redirect traffic to your new one. 301 redirects work with every browser and rarely fail to redirect the visitor to the destination page.

Selling or renting the old domain name can also be considered an excellent strategy if you are sure that you no longer are interested in capturing the traffic from your old pages. Renting a domain name works like renting real estate. You can display information about other companies and can charge them on a monthly or weekly basis or whichever way you prefer. Or you can lend them to start-ups who could make a better use of the site while paying you with some part of their profit. You can sell your sites on many websites selling platforms available online or can contact a website broker who can help you by finding clients for your domain.

But if you think that you have a premium domain name, you should consider holding onto it rather than selling it away as it has already been mentioned that domains are like real estates, and holding onto a premium domain name can bring you a lot of increased value.

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