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How to use Instagram Story Ads!

Instagram has gained huge popularity over the last couple of years and continues to grow its number of users every day. People from around the world use this site not only for following their friends’ posts, but also to check out what the newest trends are and what the celebrities have been up to. With the presence of pages that are solely devoted to selling their product on Instagram, it is indeed the heaven for marketers and business-owners.

So how can you utilize Instagram to your advantage?

Being a regular user of the application, you may have witnessed how in between stories from different pages, Instagram sneakily places an ad. That is exactly what a story ad is. Although it is extremely easy to create, there lies the question of how relevant the ad is to the viewer depending on which he or she will be influenced.

When you are posting ads, make the them look like any other story posted by the general public. These kind of ads sneak up on the followers of the page and gives the idea behind the ad while not appearing as an ad at all! For this, we suggest you make ads which are inspired from the most general events of daily life, or by showing the use of your product in a common day-to-day event, without making it seem like you’re trying to persuade them into buying it.

You may have noticed how makeup and beauty gurus subtly post an ad using a product by mentioning that it improves the quality of their hair or skin. That is exactly how you must make your ads- subtly conveying your point.

Instagram does not put much emphasis on the relevance of ads to its users. Therefore, the best solution is to make your ad appear as neutral in nature as possible, which appeals most to the followers.

Having said all that, do not expect the advertisements to show results immediately after you have posted them. Give it time. The longer you run your ads, the higher visibility it gets on Instagram.

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