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Method to calculate ROI on SEO

Method to calculate ROI on SEO

Method to calculate ROI on SEO

There are many organizations out there which do not tell their clients or customers about the ROI they will get. Actually it is quite difficult to estimate it. One can start by looking at the keyword volume. The number of keywords that you use can tell you where you stand.  Look at your current ranking and compare it with others. You can also check your click through rates.

The strategy is to take your traffic and your click through rates and calculate your estimated traffic. On your website, you have to look at the conversion rate. For an e-commerce website, one can look at the average order value of a product or maybe look at the specific keyword  you are trying to rank for. Once you have a basic line metric then you can project it. Also, according to statistics, if you move from position 10 to position 2, then your click through rate might go from 2% to 20%. After this, you can map your estimated return or revenue.

Once the formula is known to you, you should go to SEMrush or Ahrefs. You should look for all the different sources your competitors are getting traffic from.  Compare your competitor’s volume with your volume.

Many agencies fail to quantify projected ROI. Ahrefs provides a complete toolset for marketing related questions. It provides support for SEO and traffic management. It can get you loads of good and relevant keywords for your organisation. It has many genuine keywords on it. It helps you to validate your keywords and acts like your SEO guide. It helps you to find branded keywords and you can even put an alert for the same. It can help you build relationships and enhance brand management.

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