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Why you should not be dependent on Social Media marketing or SEO

Why you should not be dependent on Social Media marketing or SEO

Why you should not be dependent on Social Media marketing or SEO

You are never in complete control of the social media websites. Any point in time, Facebook or Google can decide to slack you off or delete your content. This can have adverse effects on your work. One should never put their destiny in someone else’s hands completely. Paid advertisements look great and are quite beneficial but , your content can be banned due to some miscommunication. You might get your page back after some time, but this can reduce your traffic and harm your reputation.

In the long run, Google or Facebook may go against you and may not work for you. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t use such social media platforms. These websites should be used as a leverage but, one should also diversify. You should indulge in paid advertising, personalized notification, email marketing and the list goes on. But just do not stick to one platform. It is important to have multi-channel marketing.

The key is to be patient and to be focused. Set your roots strong at one place and then diversify in all the directions. Also, if you are relying on a single channel and any modification happens in the algorithm, your traffic might start to decrease. Hence it is important to not put all your eggs in one basket.

Various people online do the same thing on multiple platforms and in different  forms, such as they might have a video and a podcast of the same content. This brings extra stability and a backup approach to not let any changes cause a  long-term loss.

Invest money on your channel side by side. Most people wait for money to be filled in their bank accounts before they start investing on their websites again. With this, you give extra time to your competition to get ahead of you and be better than you.

Focus on the multi-channel approach and create high-quality content for getting long-term benefits and stable traffic

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