Strategies to increase your social media traffic

Strategies to increase your social media traffic

The most basic and highly rewarding strategy to increase your social media traffic would be to cross-link your content over different platforms. Say if you have a content posted on Facebook, you can share the link to that particular content on your Instagram profile. You can even cross-link between similar contents on the same platform.

This way, you are drawing your audience from different platforms and integrating them. People who are active on Instagram are ushered to Facebook and so are their followers. It helps your audience to see the versatility you have to offer and how detailed your content is. Your audience will be promoted to share your content and vouch for you.

Paid advertisement is also a very helpful medium. Advertisements are the best means to inform your potential audience about your content. You can draw an exponential amount of crowd through them.

Social media platforms generate the most revenue from their advertisements, so they pay special attention to making their users’ ads work. The prices for ads are not the same all over, if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can select the platforms where ads are relatively cheap. For example, Twitter charges about 1-3 pennies per view for a page. So that can be a good starting point for your company.

Initially concentrate on getting more clicks through your ads so that more and more people know about your content. You can use your best articles to do so, and keep publicizing them from time to time.

Another useful technique is to block a certain section of your content and ask the viewer to share or Tweet that specific article in order to gain excess to that restricted part. It is similar to content upgrade but rather than asking for their email id’s, you instantaneously use your viewer to attract new traffic.

Once the viewer shares your content, people who follow that specific viewer will also be intrigued to see your content. This way you can easily increase your traffic by 8 – 10 times. There are various online tools that can help you in promoting your content. You can use Meet Edgar to periodically promote your evergreen content. You can even use tools like If This, Then That or Zapier, who automatically post your new content throughout different platforms.

Ways to do SEOs for small Businesses

Method to calculate ROI on SEO

There are many organizations out there which do not tell their clients or customers about the ROI they will get. Actually it is quite difficult to estimate it. One can start by looking at the keyword volume. The number of keywords that you use can tell you where you stand.  Look at your current ranking and compare it with others. You can also check your click through rates.

The strategy is to take your traffic and your click through rates and calculate your estimated traffic. On your website, you have to look at the conversion rate. For an e-commerce website, one can look at the average order value of a product or maybe look at the specific keyword  you are trying to rank for. Once you have a basic line metric then you can project it. Also, according to statistics, if you move from position 10 to position 2, then your click through rate might go from 2% to 20%. After this, you can map your estimated return or revenue.

Once the formula is known to you, you should go to SEMrush or Ahrefs. You should look for all the different sources your competitors are getting traffic from.  Compare your competitor’s volume with your volume.

Many agencies fail to quantify projected ROI. Ahrefs provides a complete toolset for marketing related questions. It provides support for SEO and traffic management. It can get you loads of good and relevant keywords for your organisation. It has many genuine keywords on it. It helps you to validate your keywords and acts like your SEO guide. It helps you to find branded keywords and you can even put an alert for the same. It can help you build relationships and enhance brand management.

Get SEO results for less money by using PPC

Get SEO results for less money by using PPC

Most people think pay per click is an unnecessary expense, but in reality, it is not. The key is to choose the right keywords. It takes a long time for SEO to work. A keyword should always be selected in a way that targets the right keywords from a financial standpoint. One can use Google keyword planner, Uber Suggest or Through Google Keyword planner, one can find keywords and phrases related to their products and services. It finds the most relevant keywords for your business.

There is no need to have a lot of keywords. Even if you receive many visitors, keywords mean nothing if people do not purchase from them. The target based on organic search results. It is also possible to test out words or phrases that are found in conversations. AdWords Editor can also be used to scale up things and move faster. Google Adwords Editor is a downloadable application for managing your Google ads. The process involves making changes offline in downloaded accounts. Once the changes have been made, you can upload them to Google Ads. AdWords Editor saves time and makes adding changes easier.

In addition, your competitor may consider you to be the brand owner if you have a brand keyword. The most important thing is to choose keywords that are not seasonal. It is more cost-effective and time-efficient to use such keywords compared to season-based keywords.

It is possible to check the seasonality of a term on Google Trends. During the course of the year, you should only use seasonal terms if you have consistently high traffic.

In order to have a stable income instead of something that goes up and down every year, it is important to have a reliable income source. Using PPC, you can therefore save money using these strategies. Anmol Digital can provide you with more information.